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Nov 04 2009

TS Foxxy And TS Kelly Shore Share Some Love On Frank’s Tgirl World!

ttsfoxxyandkellyshore01 TS Foxxy And TS Kelly Shore Share Some Love On Franks Tgirl World! ttsfoxxyandkellyshore02 TS Foxxy And TS Kelly Shore Share Some Love On Franks Tgirl World!

What do you get when you put two of today’s hottest Transsexual performers together in a room with a camera? Well, as TS Foxxy and TS Kelly Shore will show you on Frank’s Tgirl World, that’s a sure recipe for one of the hottest scenes around! I love watching these two girls make out and from their rising Shemale cocks, I’d say these two girls love it too!

I love the connection that these two share, both as label-mates, and as friends. It translates really well into one hot Shemale on Shemale scene that Members of Frank’s Tgirl World will be able to enjoy over and over again! I’ve seen a lot of scenes with these two girls individually but this is one of the hottest, bar none. You’ve got to check out the ending as TS Foxxy take Kelly Shore’s load all over her sweet face… YUM!

ttsfoxxyandkellyshore03 TS Foxxy And TS Kelly Shore Share Some Love On Franks Tgirl World!


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Aug 08 2009

TranSex Domination – The Review!

PK Vegas’ and Grooby Productions newest DVD, Transex Domination, is keeping things orgasmic in the dungeon just like it did with its previous release, Inter-racial Shemale Domination. This time, however, we have Shemale Superstars Jessica Host, Kelly Shore, Gia Darling, Olivia Love, and TS Jesse ready to whip their slaves into submission. You can now purchase your copy at Shemale Video Direct!

Sweetheart Kelly Shore begins the DVD, shedding her good girl image for something With riding crop in hand, she immediately takes control of her slave. She allows him to lick her boots and spanks him forcefully every time she feels like he’s enjoying it too much. Still bound, she makes the slave remove her skirt and panties only using his mouth and then shoves his pathetic face down on her cock. Miss Kelly really wants to tease her slave, so she makes him lie down on his back and tells him she’s going to undress, but doesn’t allow him to watch. He can’t even move his arms to jerk himself off! This is driving him crazy with horniness and he takes a sneak peek of her throbbing she-cock as she strips down. As punishment (or reward) for looking, she sits down on his face and thrusts her cock in his mouth.

She threatens, “I’m going to fuck you and it’s going to hurt. And if you whimper, scream, or even cry, I’m going to beat the living shit out of you.”

Terrified and aroused, her slave bends over and spreads his ass for her. She can’t bear the sight of him and fucks him face down (like a slave should be fucked), slamming mercilessly into his tight ass. She really pounds into him, slapping his unprotected ass and moaning in pleasure. She then flips him over and fucks him because she wants to see the look on his face as he cries out in ecstasy, screaming “oh, god!” When she’s about to cum, she moves over above his face and sprays her milk all over him. Her slave is overwhelmed with desire and all her can say is, “thank you, Miss Kelly.”

Next up, we have Mistress Gia Darling (who definitely has had practice as a Mistress from her other release Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass). Wearing a skin tight black dress (with no bra), her slave is eager to obey her every command. When she demands he smell her ass, he has to push his face into her round ass and smell how good it is. After slipping off her dress, she makes her submissive slave lie down on the work bench and work her cock over. She tells her slave she has a surprise for him, he thinks it’s her cock, but it’s really a glass dildo! She’s not ready to let him experience her magnificent cock. While squeezing his cock, she pushes the dildo inside of him, and you can see this great shot of her uncut dick next to his ass. Her cock head is pointing at his ass and we all know that when Mistress Gia’s cock wants something, she’ll get it. When she fucks him, the dungeon echoes with the sound of her balls slapping his eager ass.

She then bends him over to fuck him with her pink paddle in hand, ready to discipline him at any moment he complains. Her slave is in pain from her fat cock, but he doesn’t dare show it while she rams into him. He is rewarded soon after, though, when she lets him suck her she-cock and thrust into his face. She then makes him straddle on his back on the work bench and jerks him off while fucking him. As he cums, she uses his jizz to stroke himself more and then herself cums all over him.

Mistress Jesse likes to humiliate her slave and wants to make it absolutely clear to him that she’s in charge. She makes his pose on his hands and knees like a dog, so he knows that she’s the master. She makes him kneel and just when he thinks she’s going to jerk him off, she squeezes his cock so tight that he cries out in pain. Even when she begins tonguing his mouth, she tricks him and bites his tongue before spitting right in his mouth! She wraps her whip around his neck and chokes him while making out. Mistress Jesse is all about pleasure and pain; she makes that abundantly clear when she digs her boot heels into her slave’s thighs and cock.

When he’s finally allowed to suck Mistress Jesse’s cock, you can tell he’s overwhelmed by how big it’s grown in her mouth. Maybe he’s even a little scared that she’ll tear his little ass into two! She makes him lie face down and pushes her huge cock into his ass. He’s crying out in pain, but she can’t stop fucking him. She then makes lie on his back with his legs up in the air so she can cum all over his face. Her cum rains down on him and she makes him lick it up.

Mistress Jessica Host looks like t-girl you don’t want to fuck with. When her scene begins, she’s lying on the bed with her legs spread, stroking that big cock of hers. Her tits look really hot in her next-to-nothing leather s&m gear. They look so swollen and nipples look hard, like she knows what’s about to happen. She calls out for her slave and when he runs

She rams her cock in his mouth and her slave gags when she puts it in deep. To prepare him for his fucking, she bends him over and spanks his ass until it’s red with welts. She wants his asshole nice and ready when she fucks him, so she shoves an anal plug in him and punishes him when he tries to get up. He’s scared when she’s ready to fuck him and can’t bring his face to look at her. When she first thrusts into him, she moans, “you’re nice and ready for my cock.” She pummels into his ass and then finally allows him to rub his cock head along her she-pussy.

Finally, we have veteran shemale pornstar Olivia Love. With her forceful “COME HERE”, her slave comes running to her side ready to kiss her feet. Mistress Olivia is not afraid to use her riding crop on her slave and generously whacks his ass as he strokes himself. I love seeing Olivia Love in control, showing off that cute little ass of hers in her see-through skirt.

She pushes his head down on her cock and makes him suck her off without even giving him a chance to breathe.She fucks him on the table with his legs in the air and he can’t contain his gasps and moans. He wants more of her, but she wants to tease him a little and make him crazy. When he cums all over himself, she pulls out of him and sends him away.

This also summarizes the vibe of this DVD. In this dungeon, it’s all about our mistresses’ pleasure and not their slaves.


tsd2f1 280x400 TranSex Domination   The Review! tsd2b1 280x400 TranSex Domination   The Review!

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Jul 31 2009

PK Vegas and Grooby Productions Release TranSex Domination!

I don’t know about you, but there’s something so sexy about seeing a Shemale in control. I mean, not the kind that just bosses you around, I mean the kind that will whips you with a riding crop if you don’t suck her dick quick enough! In PK Vegas and Grooby Productions NEWEST release, Transex Domination, you’ll see five powerful Shemale mistresses abusing and fucking their pathetic submissive slaves.

I’m sure you’ve fantasied about T-babes Olivia Love, Jessica Host, Kelly Shore, TS Jesse, and Gia Darling roughing you up every now and then. Now put a leather riding crop in their hand, some tight S/M gear caressing their bodies, and you have our latest DVD. Stay tuned for my full review, until then…BEHAVE!


If you want to also see some horny black T-mistresses dominating puny white slaves, we’re running a promotion now where you can purchase Transex Domination and our other Transex Domination release, Interracial Shemale Domination, for only $35.99!! That’s a really great deal, so take advantage of it while our mistresses allow it!

tsd2f 280x400 PK Vegas and Grooby Productions Release TranSex Domination! tsd2b 280x400 PK Vegas and Grooby Productions Release TranSex Domination!

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May 30 2009

Kimber James and Kelly Shore on The Maury Show!

kellymaury01 Kimber James and Kelly Shore on The Maury Show!

kellymaury02 Kimber James and Kelly Shore on The Maury Show!

I know it’s not too much notice but check out Kimber James and Kelly Shore (among others) on The Maury Show this Wednesday. They’re both friends of TS Foxxy and I’m sure they would appreciate your support!

Not really my type of show but looks like it could be kind of fun to check out…

Here’s a link to a preview…


kellymaury03 Kimber James and Kelly Shore on The Maury Show!

kellymaury04 Kimber James and Kelly Shore on The Maury Show!

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May 03 2009

TS Foxxy Hanging with TS Jesse and Miss Kelly Shore!

ttsfoxxytsjessemisskellyshore TS Foxxy Hanging with TS Jesse and Miss Kelly Shore!

You know, you always hear these horror stories of Shemale Pornstars being this huge catty bunch of girls that are always competing with each other and just can’t get along. I’m so glad that TS Foxxy is a class act with the reputation of being incredibly gracious to fans and easy to work with as a performer. Here Foxxy is just kickin’ it with two of her fellow Shemale Pornstars, TS Jesse and the lovely Miss Kelly Shore. All three of these girls is a class act and it’s so nice to see all the rumors about the industry aren’t true! Doesn’t TS Foxxy look SO cute with that great big trademark smile and braces? Loving her!

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Apr 23 2009

TS Foxxy and Kelly Shore Get Together for Good Times!

foxxyandkelly01 TS Foxxy and Kelly Shore Get Together for Good Times! foxxyandkelly02 TS Foxxy and Kelly Shore Get Together for Good Times!

Here are some hot, new photos from TS Foxxy’s Official Site! Looks like she and Miss Kelly Shore got together recently to have some girl-on-girl action! Nice that the camera was there to capture the fun for us fans.

You never really notice how petite TS Foxxy is but standing next to Miss Kelly Shore, you can really get a feel for her tiny body! Looks like when she’s on her knees, she’s at the perfect ‘cock sucking’ height for Kelly to use her mouth! And, good for her, being the good girl she us, Kelly returns the favor for TS Foxxy! Is there any fucking in this scene…? Guess you’ll just have to visit TS Foxxy’s Official Site to find out…

foxxyandkelly03 TS Foxxy and Kelly Shore Get Together for Good Times! foxxyandkelly04 TS Foxxy and Kelly Shore Get Together for Good Times!

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